The Nairobi Expressway on Tuesday celebrated a significant milestone of 10 million vehicles having used the 27km road since it was officially launched in July 2022.

Steve Zhao, the CEO of Moja Expressway, which operates the road, says the milestone that has seen Sh2 billion collected in toll shows the Nairobi Expressway is very efficient and reliable.

Zhao revealed they have collected more than Sh2 billion in the seven months the road has been open and registered over 120,000 subscribers in its Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system.

“I am very happy to announce that, as of today, the total number of vehicles that have used the Nairobi expressway stands at 10 million,” revealed Zhao.

He added, “We have had over 10 million customers with each of them paying an average of Sh200 per day and that brings us to the figure of Sh2 billion.”

He revealed that an average of 50,000 cars use the Nairobi Expressway each day, a five-time increase from when the toll road was opened for trial by city motorists on May 14, 2020.

“This shows that the Expressway has indeed created a reliable route in the existing transport networks and effective means to address congestion in Nairobi,” stated Zhao.

While lauding the toll road, Roads Principal Secretary Joseph Mbugua urged other investors to consider investing in major projects through the Pubic Private Partnership (PPP) model.

“The Public Private Partnership Act enables us to hasten development by tapping opportunities within the private sector. This provision, as witnessed in the expressway, maybe the way to go with other major developments like the Mombasa-Nairobi highway and the Nyali Bridge, among others,” said Mbugua.

The 87.9 billion dual carriageway has a recommended speed of 80kph, 11 toll stations and 54 toll plazas armed with 126 cameras to ensure there is order on the busy city road.

The PS said the Ministry of Transport was in talks with the operators of public commuter transport to agree on a raft of measure that will see them allowed to use the expressway.

PSVs were banned from the toll road following a number of accidents and the PS says as soon as the PSV operators understand operating procedures they will be allowed to use it.