Prices of Super Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene are from Tuesday set to decrease by just Sh1 per litre, according to the latest review by Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

In a statement by EPRA released on Monday night, the prices will reduce by just Sh1 for the second consecutive month due to lower landed cost of the petroleum products in October.

EPRA says cost at the port of the imported Super Petrol went down by 5.6 per cent, while that of Diesel reduced by 2.33 per cent and Kerosene by 9.08 per cent.

For the second month, the President William Ruto administration has retained subsidies on Diesel and Kerosene after scrapping the subventions previously applied on Super Petroleum.

“The price of diesel has been cross-subsidized with that of Super Petrol while a subsidy of Ksh.17.68 per litre has been maintained for Kerosene in order to cushion consumers from otherwise high prices,” said EPRA in a statement.

The November revision will see the pump price of Super Petrol go down to Sh177.30 a litre in Nairobi, while Diesel will retail at Sh162 per litre and Kerosene at Sh145.94 each litre.

Minus the cross-subsidization of Diesel, the petroleum product would cost more than Super Petrol in the month of November given diesel stock prices have been facing pressure due to higher demand in Europe mainly.

The landed cost of Diesel per cubic metre in October 2022, for instance, was at Sh107.164 compared to the landed cost of Super Petrol which stood at Sh85.111.