The Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) Director-General Ezra Chiloba has initiated cancellations of licence offers to 60 radio broadcasting stations.

CAK has issued a public notice indicating it has begun a regulatory action against a host of broadcasters and applicants of broadcasting service provisioning licences.

According to CAK, this follows the failure of the broadcasters to comply with the relevant requirements as provided in the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998 (KICA CAP411A).

The Act provides for a transition period for broadcasting permits granted by the government to the licensing regime administered by the Authority.

The authority has initiated revocation of FM frequency assignments to permit holders and non-permit holders who are yet to apply for broadcasting services.

CA has also initiated the rejection of license applications for commercial and community radio broadcasting services for 24 stations for failing to comply with related licensing requirements as prescribed by the authority such as clearing outstanding regulatory fees, among others.

Communications Authority has also initiated cancellation of licence offers to 60 applicants for radio broadcasting services following their failure to comply with licence offer conditions within the licence offer period it prescribed according to the Act.

Under this category, several popular radio stations have been affected including One FM, NRG Radio, Radio Lake Victoria, Capital FM, KIMC, Radio Umoja, Qwetu FM and Mbaitu FM.

The authority has cancelled the license offers for subscriptions of 3 applicants who applied for Subscription Broadcasting Service licensed but failed to comply with licence offer conditions within the offer timeline as prescribed by CAK in accordance with the Act.

The authority has issued the affected broadcasters with a 30-day notice to comply with licensing requirements as they have been notified in writing by the authority.

Failure to which, it will be assumed they are no longer interested in providing the broadcasting services and their assigned FM frequencies will be revoked.

Here's the full notice with the full list as issued by Chiloba: