Fortunes are changing for Bevalyne Kwamboka or otherwise known as ‘chips mwitu girl’.

Bevalyne took to her Twitter account to share some good news with her followers.

An anonymous well-wisher offered Kwamboka modern tools she would use to ply her chips trade.


Besides that, the undercover angel also offered the industrious young lady two sacks of potatoes in stock, twenty litres of cooking oil and paid three months' rent upfront for the new business premise where Kwamboka would operate from.

Chips mwitu girl did not forget to thank everyone who shared, retweeted her tweets and stories.


Even though the well-wisher did not wish their identity to be publicized, Kwamboka may have revealed who the 'anonymous' well-wisher is.


According to the tweet, it turns out that the well-wisher is non-other than Nominated Senator, Beatrice Kwamboka.

Sen. Beatrice Kwamboka. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kwamboka came to the limelight after sharing the side hustle that she started with only Sh1,200 and now boasts of a profit of up to Sh4,000 per day.

She has been operating her roadside business at Kware-Tassia footbridge, Donholm.

Bevalyne Kwamboka. PHOTO/COURTESY