The Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) has directed all bread manufacturers to print the correct weights and expiry dates of the product on the wrappers.

The directive comes after a report by the authority established that bread manufacturing companies were engaging in unfair and misleading market conduct against consumers.

CAK found manufacturers guilty of omitting manufacturing dates on bread wrappers as required while others did not print the month in the expiry dates they have on their wrappers.

The regulator also found that some bread makers failed to provide weights of their bread and ingredients, while many others misled their consumers on what their breads contain.

“These actions amount to making false and misleading representations to consumers of goods and services and are in contravention of sections of the Competition Act. Further, the bread manufacturers, were not adhering to product information standards as prescribed by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS),” said CAK in a statement issued on Monday.

Wang’ombe Kariuki. PHOTO/COURTESY

“Manufacturers have no latitude to elect which laws to adhere to,” warned CAK Director General Wang’ombe Kariuki.

CAK has ordered the bread manufacturers to immediately comply with the legal requirements including printing legibly the ‘Best Before’ and not ‘Sell By’ dates on their wrappers.

The authority vowed to conduct continuous spot-checks to ensure all the break manufacturers comply with the relevant laws.