In a groundbreaking announcement, ICT and the Digital Economy Cabinet Secretary (CS) Eliud Owalo has disclosed plans to kickstart the development of 1,450 ICT hubs, strategically positioned across all wards in Kenya in the year 2024.

Emphasizing the critical role of nurturing the grassroots ICT sector, CS Owalo highlighted the pivotal contribution these hubs would make to fortify the foundation for ICT-related development and the burgeoning digital economy.

Speaking passionately about the potential impact on employment, CS Owalo asserted, “Imagine at one digital hub, we are capable of creating 300 digital jobs. In a constituency that has an average of five wards, we are capable of creating 1,500 youths in the village.”

He further emphasized that despite being localized in the villages, the youth at these hubs would collaborate with both national and international firms, fostering a global reach for Kenya's digital workforce.

Adding weight to the announcement, Owalo rallied stakeholders, urging collective efforts to position Kenya as the ICT hub of Africa and beyond, citing the strategic advantage this move offers.

"Let us work together to ensure so that we position Kenya effectively as the ICT hub of Africa and even globally, by way of comparative advantage," he declared.

Supporting these sentiments, ICT and the Digital Economy Permanent Secretary (PS) John Tanui articulated the pivotal role the ICT hubs would play in propelling the industry forward.

"We are well positioned in terms of connectivity and we need to drive our industry. We are confident that through the ICT Authority, we will do this and make the country proud," asserted PS Tanui.

The notable announcement took place at the award ceremony for the ICT Authority’s staff in Nairobi, attended by former ICTA CEOs and Chairmen.

The event garnered additional support from key industry players, including KCB Bank, Teltonika, Geonet, Fiber Home, Prime Telecoms, Convergence, and Huawei.

The collective effort from these entities underscores the widespread recognition and support for the ambitious initiative that aims to reshape the landscape of Kenya's digital future.