Kenyan content creators may have a reason to smile if what President William Ruto announced about their compensation by social media giant META is anything to go by.  

In his Jamhuri Day speech on Tuesday, Ruto announced that following successful negotiations led by his government, Facebook and Instagram had undertaken to start compensating content creators in Kenya.

In his statement, President Ruto revealed that Meta, after a pilot program involving eligible creators in Kenya, has committed to expanding monetization opportunities.

This initiative aims to empower more creators, enabling them to make a living by pursuing their creative passions.

“I have good news for our creatives and those who imagine and produce content through Facebook and Instagram. Just yesterday, Meta committed to helping creators in Kenya earn money for crafting original content,” President Ruto announced during the celebrations.

The President's announcement comes on the heels of a similar intervention with China-made TikTok, reinforcing the government's commitment to supporting and promoting the interests of Kenyan content creators on various global platforms.

The president also emphasized Kenya's standing as a source of highly professional human capital, highlighting the country's educated, trained, skilled, and dynamic young population.

He mentioned that the government has actively pursued separate bilateral agreements with nations in the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas.

These agreements are designed to connect Kenya's skilled workforce with global opportunities, providing exposure for thousands of Kenyans to work in international organizations and engage in global assignments.

“This will provide exposure to thousands of Kenyans to work in international organizations, engage in global assignments and monetize their skills and talents as they enhance their incomes and personal development,” President Ruto stated.

He further emphasized that the systematic negotiations with various countries will enable Kenyans to monetize their skills on a global scale, contributing not only to personal development but also enhancing their incomes.

Ruto acknowledged the significant contributions of millions of Kenyans already working abroad, citing their role as great ambassadors for the country and their substantial remittances that have contributed to Kenya's development.