In response to the alarming surge in mobile phone theft cases plaguing Kenya, Xecure, a state-of-the-art mobile phone security application, has been introduced as a tool dedicated to safeguarding smartphones from theft.

With smartphones increasingly storing sensitive data and serving as essential tools for communication and daily tasks, the need for enhanced protection has become more critical than ever.

The statistics presented by the latest annual report on crime by the National Police reveal a startling fact: various types of theft, including mobile device theft, account for at least 21 per cent of all reported crimes in the country.

This surge in phone theft incidents has prompted the development of Xecure, a comprehensive mobile security app packed with innovative features.

Last month, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations apprehended a suspected mobile theft kingpin found in possession of hundreds of stolen devices.

Recognizing the gravity of phone theft, the Communications Authority of Kenya has initiated plans to block phones reported as stolen from accessing any mobile networks within the country.

Charles Maxwell Opondo, CEO of Xecure, articulated the company's mission during its official launch.

"With the launch of Xecure, we aim to revolutionize mobile phone security in Kenya. Our goal is to empower individuals to protect their smartphones and the valuable data they contain, ultimately reducing phone theft incidents and providing peace of mind to users," Opondo said.

"In a country where mobile phones have become indispensable to daily life, Xecure stands as a formidable ally against the rising tide of phone theft. With Xecure, users can reclaim control over their devices and protect their digital world more effectively."

In Pocket/Bag Mode, the activation of proximity sensors facilitates the detection of unauthorized access when the phone is ensconced within a pocket or bag.

Conversely, Desk Mode is thoughtfully conceived for situations wherein the phone is rested upon a desk or table, utilizing motion sensors to discern any movements transpiring in its proximity.

Charging Mode is summoned into action when a phone establishes a connection with its charger, and Headphones Mode springs to life when the user opts for wired headsets.

A standout feature inherent to Xecure is its touch-sensitive alarm system, a salient attribute.

Even should a miscreant succeed in physically contacting the phone, the application responds promptly by initiating a resounding alarm.

This serves to draw immediate attention to the theft attempt, potentially thwarting it efficaciously.

Moreover, Xecure proudly touts a SIM-change alert system among its array of safeguards.

In the event of an illicit endeavour to substitute the phone's SIM card, the application expeditiously despatches a notification to the user's registered email address, thereby enabling the swift enactment of measures aimed at safeguarding personal information.

Xecure is presently accessible for download on Android devices through the Google Play Store, thereby providing accessibility to a diverse spectrum of smartphone users.

An initial subscription proposition of Sh99 per month or Sh999 per annum is presently on offer, with intentions to elevate it to Sh199 per month and Sh1,499 per year in the subsequent period

In the face of Kenya's growing mobile phone theft crisis, Xecure's arrival promises to be a significant step towards securing valuable digital assets and reducing the prevalence of phone theft incidents across the nation.