Instagram's Threads application has achieved remarkable success, surpassing all expectations by garnering over 150 million downloads in just 10 days.

The rapid growth of Threads has left experts astounded, solidifying its position as one of the fastest-growing apps in history., a leading research and analytics firm, reported that Threads has maintained a user base of approximately 100 million active users per week.

This growth rate is unprecedented, far outpacing the previous record holder, Pokémon Go, which took three months to reach the same milestone.

Despite not being available in the European Union due to stricter privacy regulations, Threads has gained global popularity. India, Brazil, the United States, Mexico, and Japan are the top five countries contributing to Threads' user base.

Threads' achievement becomes even more impressive when compared to Twitter.

The app's 100 million weekly active users amount to around one-fifth of Twitter's user base.

Twitter, owned by Elon Musk since last year, has become a focal point of Musk's rivalry with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Developed by a dedicated 50-person team over six months, Threads aimed to disrupt Twitter amidst its ongoing instability under Musk's ownership.

The app's immediate and overwhelming success exceeded initial projections of sign-ups in the low millions.

Insiders within Twitter attribute Threads' success to a growing public dissatisfaction with Musk's influence on the platform.

Musk's reactions have ranged from threats of lawsuits to crude competition with Zuckerberg and financial incentives for prominent Twitter accounts.

Despite the slowdown in adoption, Threads has demonstrated remarkable growth. From 100 million sign-ups in the first five days, the app attracted an average of 20 million daily sign-ups.

This number has decreased to approximately 13 million downloads per day this week.

Meta's spokesperson acknowledged the extraordinary success of Threads, surpassing their expectations.

They expressed commitment to ensuring stable performance, introducing new features, and enhancing the user experience in the coming months.

As Threads continues to shatter records and surpass expectations, Meta and Instagram face the challenge of sustaining this momentum.

They must meet user demands and refine the app's features to navigate the ever-changing social media landscape.