Daariz, a free language app that was unveiled in 2021, is helping to improve the literacy levels in the Horn of Africa and has so far impacted the lives of more than 350,000 people.

The app seeks to tackle the low literacy levels in Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya by teaching adults and children of all ages to read and write proficiently in Somali.

Daariz app was developed by the Sahamiye Foundation, a charity organization focusing on challenges in the education sector that are affecting the countries in the Horn of Africa.

Absence of rural schools, recurring droughts, conflict and highly mobility in the Horn of Africa have resulted in low school enrolment and limited access to quality education.

Owing to these factors, more than 70 per cent of late primary school students in the region are unable to read and comprehend a simple story in Somali.

The average school enrolment in the region stands at approximately 30 per cent making it one of the lowest percentages in the world.

Sahamiye Foundation says the app addresses these hurdles via writing, virtual reading, comprehension lessons and a digital library to ensure universal access to quality education.

According to the foundation, the app combines fun, interactive games, and personalised feedback with a reward system to make learning Somali language enjoyable and engaging.


Daariz is available online and offline for easy remote access, especially for women and girls who form 48 per cent of its learners, which is much higher than female school enrolment in the region.

“Our vision is to unlock the potential of every learner, regardless of their location or situation. Daariz equips people of all ages with the confidence to learn at their own pace, to challenge themselves and have fun in the process,” said Sahamiye Foundation founder Ismail Ahmed.

He added, “This is particularly important for girls, students who are out-of-school and adults who may have missed out on schooling.”