Developers of Africa’s first video conferencing platform ‘Gumzo’, have allowed members of the general public to access their entire system free of charge from Christmas through to New Year. 

Usiku Games says this will help reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the country, especially during the Christmas festivities that see Kenyans travelling upcountry and to the coast for holidays.

Usiku Games has partnered with USAid in a campaign dubbed ‘Zawadi ya Maisha’, which seeks to encourage families to link up through video conferencing instead of travelling upcountry.

‘Zawadi ya Maisha’ campaign urges Kenyans to ‘share moments without sharing the virus’ through Gumzo which allows people to connect with their loved ones via video conferencing.

Usiku Games Founder and CEO Jay Shapiro said sharing moments on Gumzo’s virtual platform delivers to the user a chance to save more people from being infected with the Coronavirus.

“We believe that making our video conferencing accessible to all for free will enable most families to share moments virtually rather than risk unintentionally spreading the virus to grandparents and loved ones.

“In support of this cause, we shall offer free access through the Christmas holidays into New Year.”

The video conferencing platform by Usiku Games supports allows groups to watch shared movies and play party games together while maintaining safety during the pandemic.

The firm undertook to set aside half of all fees raised on the platform to be donated in support of Covid-19 response efforts in Kenya buy a number of Non-Governmental Organisation.