Kenya is expected to host the 2nd annual Africa Digital Finance Summit (ADFS) on February 22 – 24, 2022 under the theme “The Future of Finance in Africa; our pathway to financial freedom.”

The event will feature governments, African central banks, prominent executives of global Fintechs, start-ups, professionals and global decision makers in the financial, economic, technology, fintech and block chain industry to deliberate on the future of finance in Africa.

“The Africa Digital Finance Summit 2022 (ADFS) will provide Africa with an opportunity to leapfrog the mistakes of the West by reimagining entire systems of production, financial services, and governance fueled by financial innovations and blockchain technologies thus positioning herself as the continent where solutions in Finance will be implemented successfully,” said Mary Njoki, Organizer and CEO of Glass House PR.

The summit will spearhead conversation on re-defining value exchange for Africans and encourage them to leverage on digital and decentralised finance in their businesses and transactions.

The African Fintech Report 2020 noted that Africa had an edge in technology due to its mobile subscription penetration rates of up to 80 per cent.

In that regard, the digital summit aims to position Africa as the continent where innovative solutions in digital and decentralized finance will be found and implemented successfully.

During the 2nd Africa Digital Finance Summit in February next year, the ADFS Report of 2021 will be presented and made public.

Africa Digital Finance Summit. PHOTO/COURTESY

The summit will tackle understanding blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, implementation of Defi in Africa, policies governing disruption in finance, introduction of central bank digital currencies in Africa, introduction of NFTs for art, among other topics.

“It was a great honour for me to speak during ADFS summit 2021, I look forward to a great conversation in 2022 as we chart out a pathway towards the future of finance in Africa,” said Dr Somorin Olufunso, Regional Principal Officer, Africa Development Bank.

The climax of the Summit will be an award ceremony; The Africa Digital Finance Summit Awards recognizing various players in the African Digital and Decentralized Finance industry.

The aim of awards is to champion for and encouraging new innovations and celebrating the startups and companies that have contributed to the growth of the industry in Africa.