The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) has announced that it will now recognise use of mobile phones as professional equipment for journalists.

In a statement, MCK CEO David Omwoyo said development in technology means scribes are now using their smartphones to record videos and audio as well as taking photos.

“With advancement in technology, mobile phones are now being used to not only to take photos and videos but also record voice clips and undertake like broadcasting including live links by media,” Omwoyo said.

In that regard, the media council called upon members of the public and security officials to allow accredited journalists to collect news using their phones without any hindrance.

David Omwoyo.

“The Council has noted some disputes between a section of security officers and leaders on the use of these gadgets to record and transmit news from public events and wishes to clarify that mobile/smart phones, while in use by professional trained and accredited journalists and media practitioners should be allowed when needed,” added Omwoyo.

MCK, however, appealed to members of the Fourth Estate to ensure they are fully in compliance with the Media Council Act 2013 when using their mobile phones to get news.

Victor Bwire. 

“Clause 8 of the Code of Conduct provides for the use of technological tools and prohibits use of hidden cameras or phones unless there is NO OTHER way to access the news,” he opined.

An increased number of journalists have reported to MCK that their mobile phones had been confiscated by security officers and other news sources while recording public events.