YouTube announced on Wednesday that it would start removing any content that falsely claims widespread fraud changed the US presidential election outcome.  

This new position is a shift from Youtube’s hitherto hands-off stand on videos making such unsubstantiated allegations. 

The update applies to content uploaded from Wednesday December 9, a day after the “safe harbor” or the deadline established by US law for states to certify presidential election results. 

YouTube announced on Wednesday that it would start implementing the policy in accordance with its approach to historical US presidential polls. 

Social media giants have been under a lot of pressure to tame misinformation about the election won by Democrat Joe Biden on their platforms. 

Alphabet Inc’s Google owns YouTube and was more hands-off earlier compared to Facebook and Twitter, which commenced labelling of content peddling misinformation on the election.

YouTube has been labelling all videos related to the US election, though several YouTube channels which rakes in money from ads and memberships amplified false voter fraud claims.