Unmarried couples who will be watching or taking part in this year’s World Cup in Qatar will have to endure a dry spell for the entire period of the global football competition.

This is according to the Qatar government, which banned sex outside marriage or one-night stands by fans and players during the 2022 World Cup warning violators they risk being jailed for seven years.

The gulf country has prohibited anyone in the country from engaging in sexual activity outside wedlock, warning that fans of the World Cup are not exempted from the order.

Qatar also has in place a very strict “no drinking in public” regulation and prohibits anyone in the Islamic country from appearing in public while intoxicated or face the law.


Additionally, the World Cup hosting country does not take lightly public affection between a man and a woman and no one is allowed to wear exceptionally revealing clothing in public.

The World Cup is the football world most coveted tournament attracting billions of viewers and billions of dollars in revenue with many fans set to be upset by the stringent Qatar laws.


The tournament is known to attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to the hosting countries with alcohol, wild partying and one-night stands being the order of the day.