Artificial Intelligence (AI) is fast reshaping how we live, work and connect at the workplace or at home and a clear signal of how fast the global landscape of technology is transforming.

The impact of AI is being felt even more on the fast-evolving smartphones segment with the adoption of AI in everyday tasks set to change how we interact with smart devices in Kenya.

Leading Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO, for example, has expressed its pledge to push the AI revolution to higher levels in 2024 with key innovation and launches lined up.

OPPO has partnered with Hasselblad to co-develop the next generation of HyperTone Camera Systems to enable computational photography with AI-powered photos in future.

The Chinese company has also announced that all new OPPO devices unveiled in 2024 will have the new ColorOS which is set to improve user experience.

The HyperTone Camera System will debut in the coming Reno 11 Pro and will boost clarity by 30 per cent and reduce noise by 60 per cent using AI RAW fusion, supported by a new algorithm requiring 400 per cent more computing power.

Th system, which includes the HyperTone Pro XDR Display, offers up to eight times more dynamic on-screen range, enhanced portrait shots and a more cinematic bokeh effect.

OPPO Find X7 series is slated to be the first device to feature this camera system.

Similarly, OPPO plans to integrate AI algorithms into its smartphones to augment user experience and tackle unique local challenges.

+AIGC: “GenAI object removal” feature on Find X7 series which took social media by storm.

Find X7 series adopts generative AI and uses the 7-billion-parameter LLM of AndesGPT to bring AI functions like natural language comprehension and phone call content summary.

Through the collaboration of the device-side with the cloud-side LLMs, the Find X7 can also implement AIGC elimination to provide a new experience for image editing functions.

LLM is also combined with voice assistant to provide practical AI functions including text to image, picture to text, and text content summary.

One of the top benefits consumers in Kenya can expect from its upcoming devices by OPPO in 2024 is the personalization of their smartphone experience.

AI algorithms analyze the user’s behaviour, preferences, and patterns before tailor-making the functionality of the device to individual needs making it your instinctive companion.

AI ensures you get suggestions on the most relevant apps, optimizes battery usage and customizes camera settings based on your photography habits making your phone unique.

Users are able to get ROM, RAM and CPU Vitalization through the use of the Trinity engine in the new ColorOS14 operating system to ensure a more enhanced device performance.

ColorOS 14 brings more intelligent, more intuitive, and more secure features for a smoother experience yet on OPPO smartphone devices based on a new infrastructure and algorithms.

Smart touch: AI-powered Smart Touch enables users to select content from the system and third-party apps and collect them on the File Dock, or consolidate them into a single note by select and drag gestures.

Smart image matting: A feature that enables users to crop multiple subjects like persons and animals out from a single image or paused video for the first time on any smartphone.

Users can edit the cut-outs in the File Pocket, File Dock, and split screen mode, as well as share with friends or use the cutouts to personalize a wallpaper or poster.

Outstandingly, OPPO commenced the construction of its own large-scale data center in January 2020 to address with the growing demand for AI application through innovation.

The data center has the computing power to facilitate large scale data processing, support OPPO’s hardware and software engineering, perform AI tasks and develop AI solutions.

The application of AI in smartphones also has the potential to tackle the most significant hurdles faced by Kenyan consumers including breaking down communication barriers.

Smartphone devices that have advanced language processing abilities can enable real-time translation to make communication more inclusive and promote excellent connectivity.

For Kenyan consumers, AI use in smartphones presents a new era of possibilities, with OPPO and other smartphone makers working to bring AI benefits to the fingertips of each user.

With responsible development and a commitment to user-centric innovation,

Owing to responsible development and user-centric innovation, smartphone AI is not just a feature on your gadget but a a promise of a brighter, more connected future for Kenya.

The writer is the PR Manager, Oppo Kenya