Being in your 20s is an exciting time or it is meant to be as I have so often been told. But who

lets you in on the roller coaster rides that come with being in that age unforgettable group?

Before, I would say friends, or maybe family would prepare you for this mind-twisting decade, but having been there I can undoubtedly say it is the universe that lets you in hard! He he he.

The universe lets you have it good! You get your freedom. As you celebrate that you discover alcohol and late nights that, mind you, you are able to pay for now because the universe has given you a job and some few notes. The universe gives as it takes. It is kind. Ying and Yang.

Then suddenly you meet a man tall or short (in some instances), dark (in case the universe wants to break you in the first instance you meet a light skin) son of a gun.

All in all, you meet someone and you ‘fall in love’. It is so rosy and you have your whole life planned out. Dream job. Dream man. Then dream wedding and obedient little children Who will take after both of you. Laughable. Not saying it does not happen, do not get me wrong, just not the way we had it vividly planned in our heads, at least in my case.

Personally, I have been engaged three times to two lovely men and my welcome to wild Nairobi in my advance 20s.

All three experiences always leave me cracked up. But why don’t I tell you about them next week now that we are building a friendship based on me speaking up about my reading-like-a-Hollywood-movie-script-twenties before I get to the revered third floor.

Unlimited Potential

Age is catching up with me too quickly I hate it. Thirty used to be old but now it is staring right at me like I owe the world a piece of me. Who is this fast-tracking the sand in the hourglass?

Our 20s come with unlimited potential. You question and want immediate answers. You experiment and try to figure out what can make you great put you on the map, give you recognition.

The pressure to know what to do, how to do it and be successful while also navigating the matters of the heart that no one really prepares you for. No wonder most of us are prone to depression in this wild city since we actually just want to make it and make it big….fast!

We have no option for small success.

Then the biggest faults of our 20s are black tax and over expectation.

We are the generation that is stuck between those who believe in the hard-working culture and the work-smart culture thus we are the over worked traditionally smart workers with mental issues and obsessed with greatness.

Those are just but the minor sides. We are the generation introduced to flexible work hours, no formal work clothes, who can voice their opinions and who always have a plan or a business deal.

It’s an amazing rut. In our 20s we are mothering our siblings both younger and older.

Parenting Our Parents

We are also parenting our parents but we are more vocal about our mummy and daddy issues while protecting our family legacies.

We are toughened by our multiple heart breaks but we long for a Michelle and Barack kind of love yet we are the strong independent women who do not like submission and who boast of our independence and not needing the other people, but deep inside we really do.

It is weird but funny. Whoever taught us that being nonchalant is a requirement in our relationships I have a problem or two. We do not know how to unlearn it.

But for this series, as you walk with me, I will introduce you to my dating life in my twenties and boy…it’s not as mild and tame as I make it sound with my seemingly diplomatic lingo. He he!

It has been a whole big dipper and sharing it with you all will be such bliss.

If I happen to talk about your brother, cousin or even current husband I do apologise, but I might not mean it. Ha ha ha! It’s just that I have been very obsessed with finding a husband and I thought walking the journey with me would be fun.

Stay tuned. You might just need to grab a stiff drink!