Kenya Power has successfully updated 2 million prepaid meters within the past three weeks as part of the 'Update Token Meter Yako Campaign.'

This initiative, launched to modernise the nation's metering system, is a significant step in the ongoing global effort to ensure the security of prepaid electricity tokens.

The campaign, targeting a total of 7.4 million meters, aims to update all Standard Transfer Specification (STS)-compliant meters by the end of August 2024.

Kenya Power’s Managing Director & CEO, Joseph Siror, expressed optimism about the progress, stating, "We are almost at 30 per cent of the targeted meters, and we are optimistic that all our prepaid customers will have updated their meters by the 31st August deadline.”

The STS is a universally accepted method for transferring tokens to prepaid meters, which ensures the security and integrity of the generated tokens.

The update campaign is crucial for maintaining these standards across all meters within the network.

Kenya Power has adopted a phased approach to the updates, scheduling meters in batches to avoid overwhelming the system.

Customers are notified via SMS when their meter is scheduled for an update, followed by the delivery of update codes upon purchasing an electricity token.

Siror elaborated on the benefits of this method, saying, “The phased approach has ensured that the prepaid system is not overloaded with customer requests for the update codes. This has minimized challenges such as system delays and made it easier to purchase tokens and access the update codes. We encourage all customers to update their meter once they receive the codes.”

With this approach, Kenya Power aims to streamline the updating process, reducing potential delays and ensuring a smoother experience for their customers.

The end goal is to have all prepaid meters within the network updated by the end of August, enhancing the security and reliability of the prepaid electricity system across the country.