Nation Media Group (NMG) has announced another round of layoffs, set to take effect on June 14, 2024, as part of its ongoing efforts to navigate the rapidly evolving media landscape.

This development comes in response to significant disruptions caused by changing audience consumption habits, technological advancements, and other macro-economic factors that have affected traditional business models worldwide.

Stephen Gitagama, the Group Chief Executive Officer, acknowledged the company's struggles due to reduced earnings from traditional platforms but highlighted the substantial opportunities in digital content creation and consumption, not only in Kenya but across the continent.

"Two years ago, we defined a new strategic direction as captured in our Digital Northstar 'Transform into the most trusted and innovative content platform in Africa inspiring 500 million daily interactions and delivering USD 55 million digital revenue by 2027'," he stated.

In pursuit of this ambitious goal, NMG is committed to transforming into a leaner, more agile organisation capable of rapid innovation and efficient service delivery.

Unfortunately, this transformation necessitates a reduction in the workforce.

Gitagama acknowledged the difficult nature of the decision, stating, "This decision is incredibly difficult, and we understand the impact it will have on you and your families and the colleagues who will be left behind."

He assured staff that the layoffs would be conducted with utmost respect and in strict adherence to Kenyan labour laws.

To support affected employees, NMG has outlined several measures, including exit benefits as per the stipulated policies, psychosocial support through counselling services, relocation assistance for colleagues stationed outside Nairobi, medical cover extension until 31st December 2024, and a negotiated opt-in medical insurance scheme.

Despite the unsettling nature of these changes, Gitagama emphasized the opportunities presented by the shift in content consumption trends, expressing confidence that NMG would "emerge as a stronger, more agile, and profitable company."

He concluded by urging employees to support one another and continue delivering exceptional content to their audiences, reinforcing the commitment to building a sustainable business.

The announcement underscores the ongoing challenges and strategic shifts within the media industry as companies strive to adapt to the digital age.