Kirinyaga County residents, particularly those in Nyangati, Gathigiriri, and Tebere wards, can look forward to a more convenient and prosperous future with the recent groundbreaking ceremony for a brand new modern market in Kimbimbi town.

This project, a collaborative effort between Kirinyaga County led by Governor Anne Waiguru and the National Government's Economic Stimulus Program (ESP), will provide a much-needed facelift to the current open-air markets, offering a conducive environment for over 200 traders dealing in agricultural produce, clothing, and household goods.

Governor Waiguru expressed her vision for the market, stating, "This market is expected to transform this town into a vibrant trading hub where local farmers and entrepreneurs can thrive."

She highlighted the market's capacity to not only serve the immediate area but also attract traders from neighbouring counties like Embu, Murang'a, Meru, and Isiolo, thanks to its strategic location near major highways.

The modern market goes beyond just providing shelter for vendors. Governor Waiguru emphasized the inclusion of amenities designed to cater to the diverse needs of the market community.

These include a designated food court, an ICT hub with free Wi-Fi for tech-savvy young entrepreneurs, and a crèche, a welcome addition for mothers who bring their babies along.

"Mothers with infants will no longer have to choose between staying back home or coming to trade in the market since their babies are now well taken care of," the Governor declared to a cheering crowd.

This project aligns perfectly with Governor Waiguru's administration's development manifesto, which prioritizes bringing essential trading facilities closer to residents.

It also reflects her commitment to reducing reliance on the liquor trade and fostering progressive economic opportunities within the county.

Mwea Member of Parliament, Mary Maingi, applauded the Governor for prioritizing the well-being of her constituents who have endured challenging conditions in the open-air markets.

Gathigiriri Member of County Assembly, Benson Ngahu, commended the Governor's focus on balanced development throughout Kirinyaga County.

He also appealed for the inclusion of local youth in the market's construction, a request Governor Waiguru expressed willingness to consider.

The Kimbimbi market handover ceremony comes just one month after Governor Waiguru facilitated the construction of the Mukaraka Market in Kabare Ward.

This latest project adds to an impressive portfolio of 17 modern markets built under her leadership, including Kagio Fresh Produce, Kagio Cloths, Kutus, Kerugoya, Kagumo, Kiamutugu, Wang’uru, and Makutano, among others.

The Kimbimbi market promises to be a game-changer, not just for the town itself but for the entire region.

With its focus on functionality, inclusivity, and fostering economic empowerment, this collaborative effort exemplifies a commitment to progress for Kirinyaga County.