Kenya is poised to bid a solemn farewell to its late Chief of Defence Force, Major General Francis Ogolla, whose final wishes are to be granted in accordance with his will.

Major Ogolla's family has disclosed that his desire to be laid to rest within 72 hours of his passing will be fulfilled, with the funeral scheduled for Sunday at his home in Mor, Alego, Siaya County.

The revelation of General Ogolla's posthumous instructions has underscored the meticulous planning he had undertaken for his final rites.

He had left instructions in his will to be buried within 72 hours of his death, affirmed his family.

"In honor of his humble nature, General Ogolla specified that his burial occur within 72 hours of his passing, echoing the profound truth that from dust we came and to dust we shall return," his family spokesman stated.

"His family has dutifully chosen Sunday, April 21st, 2024 for his final farewell, to be held at his cherished home in Mor, Alego, Siaya County."

In adherence to his wishes, the military authorities have been duly notified of the specified arrangements and are diligently working to ensure compliance within the stipulated timeframe.

The solemnity of the occasion has further been accentuated by the state's involvement, as General Ogolla's demise occurred while he held office.

The nation has been engulfed in mourning since Thursday when the news of the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of General Ogolla and nine other military personnel reverberated across the country.

The bodies were transported to Nairobi late Thursday night, marking the beginning of a period of national mourning for General Ogolla.

As Kenya embarks on three days of mourning, the sombre atmosphere reflects the profound loss experienced by the nation in the untimely demise of its esteemed military chief.

The forthcoming funeral rites stand as a testament to General Ogolla's enduring legacy and his unwavering dedication to duty until his last moments.