Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru has signed into law the Kirinyaga County Transport and Parking Act, 2023, a new regulation aimed at improving public transport efficiency, streamlining traffic flow, and protecting passengers in the county.

The Act comes in response to a surge in population and motor vehicles in major Kirinyaga towns, necessitating better management of the transport network.

Governor Waiguru stated, "The Act will help the county bring sanity in towns."

It will encompass county roads, public transport facilities, taxis, boda bodas, non-motorized transport, traffic control, parking, and even street lighting.

Key Provisions of the New Law:

Improved Infrastructure and Management: The Act establishes a dedicated directorate for county transport, roads, and parking, alongside a County Transport Planning Advisory Committee.

A County Transport Management Fund is also created to finance projects outlined in the County Transport Plan and related road development initiatives.

Regulation of Public Service Vehicles: The law prohibits unlicensed Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos) and companies from operating public transport within the county.

Furthermore, to prevent monopolistic practices, a fine of Sh50,000 or six months imprisonment is imposed on any Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Sacco or company that uses intimidation or force to stop competitors from operating on specific routes.

Additionally, fare transparency is ensured by mandating all matatus to display visible fare guides inside the vehicle.

Organized and Standardized Bodaboda Operations: Bodaboda operators must obtain permits and belong to legally registered groups or Saccos, each with a distinct color scheme designated by the county government.

Governor Waiguru emphasized that her administration will support the formation of these Saccos, which will not only promote organization but also serve as channels for social and economic empowerment for operators.

The law further assures protection from harassment and unnecessary arrests for bodaboda riders.

Parking Regulations and Revenue Generation: The County Government will deploy traffic marshals to manage traffic flow on county roads and collect parking fees established under the Kirinyaga County Finance Act.

Daily parking fees for small vehicles are set at Sh50, with a penalty of Sh1500 for non-payment.

Obstructing traffic or pedestrian flow incurs a steeper fine of Sh5000.

Streamlined Signage and Aesthetics: The Act repeals the Kirinyaga County Omnibus Stations and Parking Act, 2016, and prohibits the erection of signs, advertisements, or billboards on roads, reserves, or footways without proper approval and fee payment.

This comprehensive new legislation aims to create a more organized, efficient, and user-friendly transportation system in Kirinyaga County, benefiting both residents and visitors.