The Government has declared the ongoing doctors' strike unlawful and ordered security agencies to utilize all legal means and resources to prevent disruption of medical services.

This directive, issued by Kithure Kindiki, Cabinet Secretary for Interior, Monday, comes amidst a tense standoff within the health sector.

The decision follows an earlier court ruling (ELRCPET/E032/2024) dated April 3rd, which mandated all parties involved in the healthcare dispute to engage in conciliation talks within 14 days.

"In response to the unlawful demonstrations called by health care providers in the country, security agencies have been directed to use all the lawful means and resources available to prevent any disruption of services and protect wananchi and practitioners who have resumed their duties as ordered by the court," Kindiki stated.

The court further ordered the establishment of a memorandum outlining minimum service guarantees in public health institutions.

Authorities expressed grave concern over the continued defiance of the court order by striking doctors.

Kindiki's statement specifically condemns acts of intimidation and threats directed towards healthcare workers who have chosen to remain on duty.

The government emphasizes that any gatherings, protests, or actions taken outside the legal framework and in violation of court directives are deemed "not permissible" and undermine Kenya's constitutional order.

"Gatherings, protests, or whatever other action(s) in pursuit of grievances outside the law and in breach of court directives undermines the constitutional order of the Country and are, therefore, not permissible," stated Kindiki.

To safeguard public safety and protect healthcare professionals adhering to the court order, Kindiki directed law enforcement agencies to enforce strict adherence to law and order.

This includes ensuring the safety of both the general public and medical professionals who continue providing vital services during the ongoing labour dispute.

Amidst mounting pressure, doctors remain resolute in their demand for fair treatment and better working conditions.

They emphasize the critical importance of ensuring the welfare of healthcare workers to maintain a functional and effective healthcare system.

As the standoff between doctors and the government persists, the broader implications for public health remain a cause for concern.

While the government insists on maintaining order, it must also recognize and address the legitimate concerns of healthcare workers who are at the forefront of the nation's health service delivery.