Joseph Irungu, famously known as Jowie, has been handed down the ultimate penalty for his role in the tragic murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

In a landmark ruling delivered by High Court judge Grace Nzioka on Wednesday, justice was unequivocally served as the court condemned Jowie to death under Section 204 of Kenya's penal code.

The Honorable Judge Nzioka emphasized the deliberate nature of the crime, stating, "It was not a defensive act. It was not out of provocation. It was planned, intended and executed."

This ruling came after careful consideration of the evidence presented, highlighting the severity of the harm inflicted on the victim and the calculated manner in which the crime was carried out.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution painted a damning picture of Jowie, portraying him as "criminogenic," with a propensity for violence and instability in personal relationships.

The judge referenced a probation report indicating Jowie's impulsive and aggressive tendencies, further underlining the seriousness of his actions.

Moreover, the court took into account Jowie's military training in Dubai, which testified to his capacity for violence. Instances of his intimidating behaviour, including brandishing a firearm and blocking vehicles, were cited as evidence of his disregard for the law and the safety of others.

Justice Nzioka also acknowledged the profound impact of Monica Kimani's death on her family and society at large.

She highlighted the collapse of the family business, which was the main source of income, and the resulting emotional and physical toll on the deceased's loved ones.

The tragic loss was not confined to the family circle but resonated deeply within the community, reflecting the broader implications of such senseless acts of violence.

Quoting notable insights on the gravity of murder, Justice Nzioka underscored the profound and far-reaching consequences of such crimes.

"In an act of murder, one person's life ends but a countless number of lives are forever impacted," she stated, emphasizing the enduring scars left on the fabric of society.

As the gavel fell, signalling the culmination of a lengthy legal battle, Justice Nzioka's verdict brought a measure of closure to Monica Kimani's loved ones while reaffirming the sanctity of justice in the face of heinous crimes.

The solemnity of the occasion served as a poignant reminder of the collective responsibility to uphold the rule of law and safeguard the fundamental rights of all individuals.