Residents of the disputed 17,000-acre South Ngariama ranch in Mwea East Sub-County, Kirinyaga, are on the brink of a significant breakthrough as the Ministry of Lands initiates the long-awaited adjudication process.

This move promises to bring clarity and security to land ownership in the area, a sentiment echoed by Governor Waiguru, who has championed the cause of securing title deeds for the community.

The commencement of this exercise, spearheaded by national and county government efforts, is seen as a beacon of hope for thousands who have grappled with decades-long disputes over land ownership.

Assistant Director for Adjudication and Settlement in the Ministry of Lands, Ezekiel Kiania, emphasized the importance of this endeavour, stating, "Our duty here is to ensure that the rightful owners get their title deeds, and to amicably resolve any arising issue."

The adjudication exercise, mandated by a court order issued by Justice John Mutungi, signifies a decisive step towards resolving the protracted disputes that have plagued the region.

Governor Waiguru, during a recent visit to the area, reaffirmed her administration's dedication to securing title deeds for the 8,200 families in South Ngariama.

"As you can recall, we had started the adjudication process but were stopped due to political interference. We are hoping that the process will be concluded and no one loses their parcel of land to middlemen and brokers," Waiguru said, highlighting the challenges faced due to political interference in previous attempts to address the issue.

Underscoring the significance of this objective as a priority for her tenure, Governor Waiguru emphasized her administration's unwavering commitment to resolving the land matters.

"We are resolute in our mission to secure title deeds for the rightful 8,200 families and reclaim unlawfully appropriated public land. We will spare no effort in achieving this goal," she asserted.

Rev. Kanjobe, representing Governor Waiguru, reiterated the commitment of the county government towards ensuring the successful conclusion of the process, emphasizing the political goodwill behind the initiative.

The initiation of the adjudication process has been met with relief and optimism among South Ngariama residents, who have long awaited the resolution of land ownership disputes.

Nancy Wanjiku, speaking on behalf of the community, expressed gratitude towards the government's efforts, highlighting the potential for the process to bring an end to longstanding conflicts.

Murimi Muciri echoed these sentiments, noting a palpable decrease in unrest within the region since the commencement of the adjudication process.

He commended the collaborative efforts of both county and national governments in addressing the long-neglected issue of land ownership.

James Njagi urged fellow residents to exercise patience and cooperation as adjudication officers carry out their duties, emphasizing the importance of a collaborative approach for a swift and successful resolution.

With the adjudication process finally underway, there is renewed hope among South Ngariama residents for peace, justice, and the realization of their long-awaited right to land ownership, a vision championed by Governor Waiguru.