In a surprising turn of events, the High Court has once again deferred the delivery of judgment in the high-profile case involving Joshua Irungu, also known as Jowie, and former TV news anchor Jackie Maribe, charged with the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Originally scheduled for October 6, 2023, the judgment was postponed after Lady Justice Grace Nzioka, presiding over the case, was reported to be unwell.

A subsequent date of December 15, 2023, was set, only to be postponed once more, now slated for January 26, 2024.

Justice Nzioka, while addressing the parties involved on Friday, disclosed the reason for the latest delay.

"I took time to write the judgment. We've made progress. But on Monday I discovered that when the file was sent to me, not all exhibits were sent to me," Nzioka explained.

She clarified that she received the crucial exhibits as late as Thursday, requiring additional time to scrutinize them.

Even though the judge had initially intended to deliver the judgment on Friday, the unexpected delay in receiving the exhibits prompted her to reschedule.

"They came in three sacks. I got to receive them on Thursday at 7 o'clock," she disclosed.

The exhibits, described as "three gunny bags," consist of various items, including clothing and bottles.

These materials are deemed essential for Justice Nzioka to make an informed decision on the case.

Notably, Jowie, the primary accused, had implored the judge to expedite the judgment before the Christmas holiday, citing the prolonged and distressing wait for him and his family.

Conversely, Maribe advocated for a later date in January.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the decision, Maribe took to her Instagram account, although the post has since been deleted.

"It needs to stop. For five years, I have respected the court, but this is too much. Justice delayed is justice denied. Stop putting people's lives in limbo. I'm tired of this," Maribe declared.

Despite their differing preferences, the involved parties ultimately reached a consensus to reschedule the judgment for January 26, 2024.

The case, marked by numerous postponements, continues to captivate public attention as the anticipation for a resolution intensifies.