Mumia East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya has found himself in trouble with the Judicial Service Commission after allegedly threatening a magistrate in a Kakamega court.

JSC revealed on Wednesday that it had launched further investigations into Salasya’s conduct and alleged threat and intimidation against Resident Magistrate Gladys Kiama.

JSC says the magistrate has reported at Kakamega Police Station the constant threats by the first-term MP during hearing and after judgment on a case that was ruled against his favour.

A resident had taken Salasya to court demanding payment of Sh500,000 he had lent him claiming the Parliamentarian had refused to pay back the cash despite numerous requests.

“The commission condemns such acts in the strongest terms possible,” JSC said in a statement on Wednesday.

The commission chaired by Chief Justice Martha Koome told the MP to respect the independence of the judiciary, judges and other judicial officers as espoused in the Constitution.

“Therefore, any attempt to interfere with the independence of the judiciary, including the decisional independence of any judge or judicial officer, is an affront to the constitution of Kenya, which all state officers, such as Members of Parliament, took an oath to protect and defend,” warned JSC.

JSC instead asked Salasya to file an appeal in the corridors of justice properly if he feels aggrieved by the decision made against his favour by the magistrate based in Kakamega.

This comes hours after the MP went on an unhinged rant against the Kakamega magistrate, courts and unnamed lawyers accusing them of engaging in graft minus any substantiation.

In a video posted on his social media account, Salasya faulted the magistrate for her decision on Monday that saw him ordered to pay businessman Robert Lutta Sh500,000 with interest.

The lawmaker had then allegedly confronted and threatened to kill the magistrate outside the courtroom before he took off following the judgment, according to the police report.