Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Gladys Boss Shollei, has candidly addressed the current challenges faced by Kenyans, acknowledging the difficulties in living conditions while urging citizens to remain patient as the government implements measures to rectify the situation.

Speaking at Bware SDA church in Kabondo Kasipul, Homa Bay county, during a funds drive for the church, Shollei empathized with the hardships experienced by the populace.

“Currently, the living conditions Kenyans are going through are a bit hard. People are complaining of high cost of living and lack of school fees for their children, but I want to tell you that nothing comes on a silver platter. We must bear the pain as President Ruto tries to fix the country,” Shollei emphasized.

Shollei's acknowledgement of the prevailing challenges reflects an understanding of the real impact on the lives of ordinary citizens.

The high cost of living and financial constraints in education have become pressing concerns for many Kenyan families, prompting Shollei to address these issues directly.

“The President has always assured Kenyans that adequate programmes have been put in place by his administration. I just want to urge our people to give him some time, and the country will be back to her normal place; the future is much brighter,” she reassured, emphasizing the importance of patience during this period of economic adjustment.

The Deputy Speaker pinpointed one of Kenya's fundamental challenges as over-dependence on imports, identifying it as a root cause of economic strain.

“In Kenya, the main challenge is not even about the price of petrol, which has increased the exchange rate of a dollar, but we are unable to produce essential commodities, leading to the importation of items that we can produce on our own,” Shollei explained.

Accompanied by former Ndhiwa MP Aghustino Netto and former Kabondo Kasipul counterpart Sylvance Osele, Shollei conveyed President Ruto's commitment to supporting farmers in increasing their yields.

“President Ruto has promised to assist our farmers to increase their yields until we reach a point where we can produce enough food to feed our people,” she added.

In the face of current economic struggles, Shollei's forthright acknowledgement and call for patience convey a sense of shared responsibility and a belief in the positive outcomes that the government's measures aim to achieve for the benefit of all Kenyans.