A tanker carrying cooking oil overturned at the Gitaru junction on Friday morning, causing significant traffic disruptions and prompting immediate response efforts from authorities.

The incident, which occurred on the Nairobi-bound lane at the bridge, has left the road dangerously slippery, with motorists being urged to exercise caution.

The overturned tanker was reportedly en route to Uganda from Mombasa, and the accident resulted in the spillage of a substantial quantity of cooking oil onto the road.

This has not only created a hazardous situation for drivers but also added complexity to the ongoing cleanup efforts.

Local authorities were swift to respond to the scene, with the fire brigade dispatched to manage the situation.

As the emergency teams worked tirelessly to clear the area, the immediate vicinity around the scene remained closed to traffic, causing significant delays for commuters.

The traffic congestion extended all the way to Kikuyu and the Southern Bypass for those travelling outbound from Nairobi.

Officials have issued an urgent advisory to motorists, urging them to approach the affected area with utmost caution due to the slippery road conditions caused by the spilt cooking oil.

It is essential for drivers to reduce their speed, maintain a safe following distance, and exercise patience as they navigate through the disrupted traffic flow.

Furthermore, authorities have made a stern appeal to residents and onlookers not to attempt to siphon oil from the overturned tanker.

Such actions not only pose considerable safety risks but also hinder the swift response and cleanup efforts currently underway.

The spillage of cooking oil is being carefully managed by trained professionals to minimize environmental impact and ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

Efforts to clear the accident site and reopen the Nairobi-Nakuru highway at Gitaru junction are ongoing, with authorities committed to resolving the situation as swiftly as possible.

Motorists are advised to monitor official traffic updates and consider alternative routes if possible to avoid the congestion and delays caused by this unfortunate incident.