Nairobi County is set to receive a generous sum of $60 million (equivalent of Sh8.8 billion) aimed at enhancing urban connectivity and fostering economic growth.

The initiative is a part of the Kenya threshold program agreement, jointly executed by the Government of Kenya and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and was formalized on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last month.

Nairobi County Governor Sakaja Johnson made this announcement during a two-day meeting convened with the County's leadership.

During his address, he emphasized the critical nature of this agreement, highlighting its potential impact on improving transportation and mobility within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area.

The project's multifaceted approach also places substantial emphasis on non-motorized transport (NMT), providing significant benefits to the local populace, particularly those who rely on non-motorized modes of public transportation.

"This agreement will help build the capacity of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority [NAMATA] with their plans to ease movement in Nairobi and the surrounding areas," Sakaja remarked.

"The project will also focus on non-motorized transport (NMT), which will help Nairobians, particularly those who use non-motorized transport as public service vehicles."

Sakaja convened the meeting with County Executive Members, Chief Officers, and Directors as part of a workshop aimed at aligning sectors and setting priorities for enhanced service delivery to Nairobi residents.

The governor underscored the objectives of the meeting, emphasizing the need to share sectoral successes, challenges, and lessons learned in order to forge a path forward to improve service delivery.

"The objective of today’s meeting is to share sectoral successes, challenges, lessons learnt and way forward in order to ensure we improve our service delivery capabilities to Nairobi residents," the governor said.

"So far I am happy and impressed with your output, I know we can still do better. I want to remind all of you that we need each other in order for us to succeed. Nairobi County is the best performing county out of the 47, so let us continue touching and changing lives and bringing a new culture of service delivery."

Sakaja also expressed his appreciation for the team's efforts during the previous financial year, which resulted in the county achieving its highest revenue collection in the past five years.

He offered his optimistic outlook for the upcoming financial year.

"This financial year 2023/2024 is going to be the best financial year Nairobi has ever had, and this is because of your efforts. Nairobi wants results, and we must deliver. I believe this team will deliver," Sakaja remarked.

With the $60 million investment poised to enhance urban connectivity and stimulate economic growth, the residents of Nairobi County can anticipate positive changes and improvements that will contribute to a better quality of life in the region.