In a resounding call to action, the Spouse of the Deputy President, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, has urged the youth of Kenya to wholeheartedly embrace technical and vocational training institutions.

Her impassioned plea came during the launch of the 2JIAJIRI PROGRAM, a vocational training scholarship initiative, at the Giathugu Vocational Training Centre in Mukurweini.

Pastor Dorcas emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in the country's approach to education and employment opportunities, particularly for those young individuals who do not meet the criteria for university education.

She articulated her vision while emphasising the importance of vocational training for economic empowerment and self-employment among young people.

"What vocational training is doing is to orient the youth and bring them to a position where they can be economically empowered and people who can be self-employed. For the longest we have been talking about white-collar jobs, and everyone who goes to school goes in the name of getting that white-collar job. We need to change how we look at things," she remarked.

In her call to action, Pastor Dorcas underscored the vital role of vocational training in shaping the future of the nation's youth.

Her words echoed the necessity of diversifying the definition of success beyond traditional academic paths and embracing vocational education as a viable avenue for personal growth and economic prosperity.

These sentiments were met with enthusiastic agreement from key dignitaries in attendance including Nyeri Deputy Governor David Kinanire and  Mukurweini Member of Parliament, John Kaguchia, who also lent his voice to the chorus of encouragement, affirming the importance of vocational training as a means to bridge the unemployment gap and bolster self-reliance among the youth.