The Kenyan government has embarked on a comprehensive effort to expedite the distribution of thousands of uncollected passports through a 30-day Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) starting on Monday.

Interior CS Kithure Kindiki made the announcement through his X account, shedding light on the initiative's objectives and the distribution plan.

Under the RRI, a total of 87,574 passports that are ready for collection but remain unclaimed will be made available to their respective owners.

"Beginning Monday 25th September 2023, owners of 87,574 passports that are now ready but remain with us uncollected are advised to forthwith pick their passport from the designated collection points in Nairobi and various regional immigration offices that will be published in various media outlets and social media platforms from tomorrow and every other Wednesday during the RRI period," the CS said.

Passport holders are strongly encouraged to pick up their documents promptly at designated collection points in Nairobi, as well as various regional immigration offices.

Information on these locations will be disseminated widely through various media outlets and social media platforms starting tomorrow and will continue every other Wednesday throughout the RRI period.

The distribution breakdown of these uncollected passports is as follows:

• Nyayo House (Nairobi) - 36,170

• Embu Regional Office - 10,409

• Eldoret Regional Office - 9,938

• Kisumu Regional Office - 9,515

• Nakuru Regional Office - 8,023

• Kisii Regional Office - 7,971

• Mombasa Regional Office - 5,424

To facilitate this process, Kindiki said the Immigration Department will publish a comprehensive list every Wednesday, detailing all applicants whose passports are due for collection during the following week.

This strategic approach aims to streamline the collection process, ensuring a smoother experience for passport holders.

However, it is essential for applicants to adhere to the stipulated timeframes for passport collection.

Failure to collect the documents within the specified period, even after due notice, will result in the disposal of the passports in accordance with the law.

Furthermore, individuals who find themselves in this situation may face penalties when applying for passports in the future.

"Persons who fail to pick their documents within the stipulated period and at the expiry of the due notice will have their passports disposed in accordance with the law and penalised when making a future application," Kindiki said.

Addressing the historical backlog of uncollected passports is a paramount goal of the government's RRI.

To prevent a recurrence of such delays, the Immigration Department is currently in the final stages of procuring modern printing equipment that will significantly boost passport production.

In the interim, the department has implemented 24-hour shifts for passport processing and production to expedite the issuance of passports.

Kindiki also emphasized that certain emergency passport applications would be fast-tracked.

These include applications from individuals seeking medical care abroad, students enrolling in foreign educational institutions, and those with imminent job opportunities abroad that have clear reporting deadlines.

Citizens are urged to cooperate with the Immigration Department to ensure a successful outcome for the RRI.