Safaricom Foundation, in its relentless pursuit of economic empowerment and sustainable agriculture, has accomplished a remarkable feat in Kajiado County.

Over 700 young farmers have emerged as graduates of the Wezesha Agri Programme, a transformative initiative borne from a partnership between Kajiado County, Africa Instore Solutions (AIS), Endev, and Safaricom's Digifarm.

This collaborative effort has not only imparted knowledge but has also opened doors to climate-smart agriculture and agribusiness opportunities, breathing new life into the region's agricultural sector.

Shikana Kuka, a Wezesha Agri graduate, tends to vegetables on his demo farm in Kajiado County. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Wezesha Agri Programme, spanning a commendable 18 months and backed by the Safaricom Foundation with an investment of Sh23 million, represents a holistic approach to farmer empowerment.

It embraces a wide array of interventions, including comprehensive training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) through innovative demo farm initiatives.

Additionally, the program equips young farmers with essential entrepreneurial skills, offers mentoring in agricultural technology adoption and innovation, and actively forges partnerships to establish markets that enable farmers to thrive.

Joseph Ogutu, Chairman of Safaricom Foundation, underscores the program's impact, stating, "Wezesha Agri seeks to enable the youth to make economic strides and establish profitable agribusiness ventures. So far, we have graduated over 1000 farmers through this programme, and we look forward to transforming the lives of more Kenyans through the provision of economic empowerment opportunities."

Safaricom Foundation's strategic vision for 2023-2026 has thoughtfully integrated agribusiness, enterprise development, and eco-entrepreneurship into its core economic empowerment programs.

 Safaricom Foundation Chairman Joseph Ogutu (R) awards a certificate to Peter Njenga (L) during the Wezesha Agri graduation in Kajiado County. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Foundation's unwavering commitment to fostering sustainable agriculture and agribusiness is exemplified by initiatives such as Wezesha Agri.

As a vital part of its training endeavours, the Wezesha Agri programme has established a demonstration farm in Kuku Ward, within Kajiado South Subcounty.

The farm's primary objective is to support and empower 1000 women and youth through comprehensive capacity development.

Here, farmers receive hands-on agricultural training, working in close collaboration with the county government's Agriculture Extension Officers.

The program also introduces participants to climate-smart technologies and innovations that hold the promise of generating income opportunities.

The demonstration farm's impact is tangible, having provided training to over 1800 farmers to date.

Kadokolo Okeini (L) and Esther Naishinda (R), Wezesha Agri graduates on their demo farm in Kajiado County. PHOTO/COURTESY

Through the joint efforts of Safaricom Foundation, Kajiado County, AIS, Endev, and Digifarm, the Wezesha Agri Programme continues to chart a course toward a brighter and more prosperous future for young farmers in Kajiado County.

Safaricom Foundation's dedication to empowering Kenyan youth, nurturing sustainable agriculture, and fostering economic growth within local communities is unwavering.

The Wezesha Agri Programme serves as an inspiring testament to the positive transformation that public-private partnerships can bring to the agricultural landscape and the lives of Kenyan farmers.