The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has successfully reclaimed public land valued at Sh305 million, which had been unlawfully obtained from the pristine Kisite/Mpunguti Marine National Reserve in Kwale County.

This noteworthy accomplishment underscores the Commission's dedication to preserving public resources and combating corruption.

The property in question comprises four islands situated within the Kisite/Mpunguti Marine National Reserve.

This reserve holds a revered status as a protected, reserved, and gazetted area, meticulously managed and conserved by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

Over time, the unlawful possession of these islands had posed a significant threat to the ecological balance of this vital marine ecosystem.

The EACC's triumph in reclaiming these islands was achieved through its Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism.

This innovative approach facilitates individuals suspected of holding public property illegally to engage in negotiations with the Commission, seeking voluntary surrender of the stolen assets.

In this instance, three entities, namely Pwani Holdings Resort Limited, Bantus Investment Limited, and Pangos Limited have exhibited commendable cooperation by returning the original land titles to the Commission.

This act of compliance will facilitate the subsequent cancellation of the existing titles and their re-registration under the jurisdiction of the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), thus restoring the land to its rightful custodians.

In light of this successful resolution, the EACC extends an earnest invitation to all other individuals or entities who may be in unlawful possession of public property to consider availing themselves of the ADR mechanism.

"The Commission encourages all other persons illegally holding public property to take advantage of the ADR mechanism to resolve disputes as opposed to waiting for a lengthy and costly litigation process," EACC said.

This approach offers an efficient alternative to protracted and costly legal battles, demonstrating the Commission's commitment to swift justice and the preservation of Kenya's invaluable public resources.

The reclaimed land will once again thrive under the vigilant care of the Kenya Wildlife Service, ensuring its preservation for future generations.