Police officers have made a surprising discovery, intercepting a consignment of 12 sacks of marijuana concealed within a hearse en route to Kisumu, leaving authorities bewildered by the bizarre incident.

The incident unfolded at a roadblock stationed in Suo, Busia County, where officers encountered a white Nissan van branded as Rafiki Funeral Services-Othaya.

At approximately 7 p.m., the vehicle, adorned with the sombre insignia of a funeral procession, was flagged down for a routine inspection.

Upon lowering his window, the driver of the vehicle hesitated briefly before exchanging greetings with the officers.

However, as they interacted, an unfamiliar odour emanating from the vehicle caught the attention of the police.

Upon closer investigation, the officers uncovered a startling sight—12 sacks of cannabis sativa meticulously arranged across the seats and floor of the hearse.

The driver of the hearse, identified as Hussein Otita, was promptly apprehended, and the vehicle, registered under the number KCV 402Y, was impounded as part of the ongoing investigation.

This peculiar incident comes on the heels of a related occurrence at the Korondile police station in Wajir.

Law enforcement officers stationed there managed to seize a staggering 58 kilograms of marijuana that were being clandestinely transported to Wajir town via a motorcycle.

Two individuals, Osman Boru (25) and Halkno Guchu (24), were arrested in connection with the incident and are currently detained at the Korondile police station pending their court appearance.

In light of these developments, the Anti Narcotics Unit has taken the lead in investigating both cases.

Authorities are aiming to unravel the circumstances surrounding these incidents, including potential connections between the two events.

As the investigations progress, questions regarding the origin, destination, and purpose of these illicit drug shipments remain at the forefront.

The audacious use of a hearse for such activities has raised eyebrows among law enforcement officials, leaving them determined to uncover any possible links between the different cases.