Nancy Kigunzu, a woman believed to be the elusive 'Mathe wa Ngara,' was finally arrested by Nairobi police on Monday evening in the bustling Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

Subsequently, she was taken into custody at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters along Kiambu Road.

This arrest comes in connection with alleged drug trafficking and the recent seizure of a substantial sum of Sh13.4 million in cash in Parklands, Nairobi, earlier this month.

Kigunzu had been on the police's radar due to suspicion of involvement in drug-related activities.

The stash of cash seized was linked to her. Media reports have been abuzz with information surrounding her arrest and detention.

Prior to her arrest, Kigunzu had filed a petition with the High Court, seeking anticipatory bail, alleging that the police were planning to arrest her as a form of intimidation.

She attributed her troubles to a business rivalry.

Represented by her lawyer, Danstan Omari, she raised concerns about the arrest of her two minor sons last week and the subsequent court orders to detain them, citing a violation of their rights.

Omari, presenting the plea before the court, stated, "That this honourable court be pleased to issue a conservatory order restraining the first and second respondents, their servants, agents, or anybody from effecting or arresting, charging, or otherwise interfering with the applicant without conducting investigations and according to her an opportunity to be heard."

Kigunzu emphasized her innocence and claimed that she had never been involved in criminal activities while expressing bewilderment over the police's pursuit of her.

"That the petitioner has never been summoned to appear at any police station nor investigative agency in Kenya to aid in any investigations of any nature," read her petition.

The recent arrest comes on the heels of the apprehension of Theresia Wanjiru and three others last week.

This group was taken into custody by the police, who subsequently recovered a cache of marijuana and other hard drugs, along with the aforementioned Sh13.4 million in cash.

Wanjiru was promptly labeled as the notorious 'Mathe wa Ngara,' and her images, along with the confiscated drugs and money, were prominently displayed on police social media platforms.

The arrest of Nancy Kigunzu adds a new layer to this ongoing investigation. T

he unfolding events and legal proceedings will undoubtedly provide further insights into this intriguing case.

The question remains: will the alleged ties between Kigunzu and the seized funds be substantiated, or will the court proceedings unveil a different narrative altogether?

The Kenyan public watches with bated breath as the story continues to evolve.