In a significant breakthrough, law enforcement agencies have successfully conducted an intelligence-led operation resulting in the confiscation of a consignment of cannabis sativa and a substantial amount of cash in Nairobi's sprawling Kariwa slums.

This operation, a collaborative effort between the Anti-Narcotics Unit and the Trans National Organised Crime Unit, has sent shockwaves through the criminal underworld.

The joint operation, which also saw the participation of officers from the Anti-Terror Police Unit based at Parklands, yielded remarkable results.

Four suspects, including a 54-year-old woman identified as Teresia Wanjiru and three juveniles aged between 16 and 17, namely Eugene Jumba, Hillary Jumbo, and Sheila Withers, were apprehended at the scene located in Ngara neighbourhood.

Upon thorough investigation and search, the officers discovered two gunny bags containing a staggering sum of Sh13.4 million.

The cash had been cunningly concealed, raising questions about the financial aspects of the operation.

Further scrutiny unearthed 26 bags of cannabis, a significant quantity of 173 pieces of suspected blended drug, 42 cartons each packed with 200 pieces of cigarettes, 4 cartons of rolling materials, and a carton of suspected weed cookies.

These developments not only highlight the scale of the criminal enterprise but also the complexity of its logistics.

The confiscated items signify a network that spans multiple facets of the narcotics trade, from raw materials to distribution-ready products.

The sheer volume of the haul serves as a stark reminder of the extent to which such illegal operations have proliferated.