President William Ruto has expressed his appreciation for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for its efforts in tackling structural challenges faced by developing nations.

During a meeting with UNCTAD Secretary General Rebeca Grynspan at the Eldoret State Lodge in Uasin Gishu County, President Ruto emphasized the importance of overcoming obstacles that hinder inclusive, resilient, fair, equitable, and sustainable development.

President Ruto highlighted the significance of trade as a catalyst for long-term and sustainable economic growth, particularly in Africa.

He stressed the need for collaborative efforts to stimulate trade, leveraging the continent's abundant resources to foster development and create tangible gains.

"We therefore need to unite our efforts to continue to stimulate this for Africa has resources required to grow this continent and therefore prudent use of trade can boost development and create absolute gains," Ruto said.

The meeting between President Ruto and UNCTAD's Secretary General took place on Tuesday, just prior to the UNCTAD conference scheduled for the following day in Nairobi.

The President was joined by Moses Kuria, the Cabinet Secretary for Industry, Trade, and Investment, who commended UNCTAD for selecting Kenya as the venue for unveiling their flagship report.

The report, titled "Economic Development in Africa," focuses on the potential of the continent to tap into technology-intensive global supply chains.

President William Ruto and UN Resident Coordinator Dr Stephen Jackson. PHOTO/PCS

President Ruto recognized the launch of this report as an exceptional opportunity for Kenya to amplify its efforts concerning inclusive, fair, and sustainable development.

"We strongly believe that UNCTAD is a strategic partner for Kenya not only in providing support under its three pillars of consensus building, research and policy analysis and technical assistance but also in on boarding other development stakeholders so that we achieve as one," President Ruto affirmed.

Also present at the meeting were key UNCTAD figures including Nicole Lewis-Lettington, Project Coordinator at UNCTAD, Paul Akiwumi, Director of the Africa Division at UNCTAD, James Zhan, Director of the Investment Division at UNCTAD, and Stephen Jackson, the UN Resident Coordinator.