Inspector General of Police, Japhet Koome, has leveled serious accusations against the opposition Azimio Coalition, asserting that they are resorting to employing bodies from morgues to incite public anger against the police force.

During his visit to Kiganjo Police Training College on Tuesday, Koome vehemently defended the National Police Service (NPS) against allegations of brutality and murder, labeling the death figures attributed to the police as entirely fictitious.

"I want to say that our officers are great protectors of human rights. We have intelligence that these politicians are hiring bodies from morgues and taking pictures which are circulated through social [media]," Koome declared.

Koome condemned the alleged practice of hiring bodies as a sinister ploy to wage a propaganda war against the police, tarnishing their reputation and demoralizing the dedicated officers on the force.

"This is aimed at demoralizing our officers and also portraying my officers in bad light in the international arena," the Inspector General emphasized, expressing his concerns over the potential impact of such false narratives on the reputation of the police force.

The gravity of the situation became evident when Koome expressed his dismay at the actions of some senior members of society who stoop to such lows.

"It is so unfortunate that some senior members of society go to the mortuary, hiring dead bodies, calling the media and telling them that these people were killed by the police. How low can some of our leaders sink?" Koome passionately questioned.

These allegations come in the aftermath of Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma releasing distressing images of lifeless bodies in a morgue.

The lawmaker claimed that the police had forcibly removed eighteen civilians from their homes and brutally murdered them.

"Kenya Police raided Nyalenda Estate in Kisumu in the night of 7th July 2023, pulled these citizens from their houses, brutalized and shot dead 18 of them, and left several injured," Kaluma's tweet alleged, with unverified photos of the deceased at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

“These are bodies of 11 lying at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital."

However, the veracity of these claims is yet to be verified.

The situation is further complicated as the Raila Odinga-led coalition accuses the State of suppressing reports of deaths attributed to the police, raising concerns about transparency and accountability.

As investigations continue, these allegations and counter-accusations have sparked a national debate, highlighting the importance of accurate information and unbiased reporting to understand the truth behind these sensitive matters. The authorities must address these claims earnestly, ensuring justice is served and restoring public faith in the police force.