President William Ruto has responded to Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition leader Raila Odinga's claim that his absence thwarted Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu's mediation efforts between his government and the opposition.

In a recent statement, Raila pointed out the attempts made by President Suluhu of Tanzania to mediate between the Kenyan government and the opposition.

According to Raila, the Tanzanian President had been invited by President Ruto to assist in fostering dialogue, but the mediation efforts faced difficulties due to the unavailability of the other side.

"There have also been attempts from outside, the President of Tanzania came here two weeks ago at the invitation of President Ruto to mediate," Raila remarked.

"She was kept waiting; Not from our side, we were available, but the other side was not available. She spent two nights here and it was all in vain."

President Ruto, in response, explained his brief absence and outlined his upcoming plans.

Through social media platforms, he expressed his commitment to regional cooperation and employment opportunities in Africa.

"My friend Raila Odinga, am off to Tanzania for a human capital meeting to harmonise the expansion of employment opportunities in our continent. Am back tomorrow evening, and as you have always known, am available to meet one on one with you anytime at your convenience," Ruto stated.

The context of President Suluhu's attempted mediation and the subsequent interaction between President Ruto and Raila is pertinent to Kenya's political landscape.

Raila's statement sheds light on the efforts made by regional leaders to foster dialogue and resolution between opposing parties.

As the news unfolds, citizens and stakeholders will be keen to understand the developments surrounding the potential meeting between President Ruto and Raila.

The willingness of both leaders to engage in direct talks may have implications for the country's political climate and future cooperation between the government and the opposition.