The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has recently named Athman Abdulhalim Hussein as the new Chief Kadhi of the Republic of Kenya.

Hussein's appointment comes after a rigorous selection process that shortlisted five candidates, culminating in an interview conducted on Monday, July 17.

The vacancy for the Chief Kadhi position was advertised by the Judicial Service Commission on April 14, 2023, inviting applications from eligible candidates.

Following careful considerations and deliberations, Chief Justice Martha Koome made the official announcement, stating, "JSC has appointed Hon. Athman Abdulhalim Hussein as the new Chief Kadhi of the Republic of Kenya."

The Chief Kadhi position is one of significance, and Athman Abdulhalim Hussein will be succeeding Ahmed Muhdhar, whose term concluded in December 2022.

As the new Chief Kadhi, Hussein will shoulder the responsibility of overseeing important matters within the Islamic judicial system of the country.

The Chief Kadhi position holds a permanent and pensionable status, with additional allowances provided, such as housing, commuter allowance, medical coverage, and leave.

To be eligible for the role, specific qualifications must be met, ensuring that the appointed individual is best suited to serve in this esteemed capacity.

According to the set criteria, the candidate must possess a degree in Islamic law or an equivalent qualification, be a practising member of the Islamic faith, have no pending charges against them with any complaints commission or employers, and maintain an untainted record of integrity.

This appointment marks a significant moment in Kenya's legal landscape as Athman Abdulhalim Hussein assumes the role of Chief Kadhi.

His credentials and expertise in Islamic law make him well-suited for this critical position, which plays a crucial role in the nation's judiciary system.

With the newly appointed Chief Kadhi set to take office, the Judicial Service Commission reaffirms its commitment to appointing qualified individuals who can uphold the principles of justice, fairness, and integrity within Kenya's legal framework.