Opposition Azimio La Umoja One Kenya coalition party has announced the cancellation of its public rally which had been scheduled for the Kamukunji ground in Nairobi Wednesday.

Raila Odinga says Azimio opted to call off the rally that was meant to be the culmination of the fresh countrywide protests due to reports that there were plans to violently disperse it.

“Late last night, we received intelligence of a most heinous plan by Kenya Kwanza to ferry armed goons who would attack peaceful attendees of our rally in Kamkunji,” said Raila.

He added, “These goons had express orders to shoot directly into the crowd while enjoying police protection.”

Raila claims that, true to the said intelligence, unknown goons had attacked their crew and vandalized the stage they had erected at Kamukunji in readiness for the Azimio public rally.

“Early this morning, our crew who had been sent to set up the stage at Kamukunji were attacked and their equipment damaged. Some were arrested.

“In line with the intelligence we received, armed goons have this afternoon descended on Kamukunji grounds and shot indiscriminately into the crowd. Police have used water cannons to disperse those peaceably assembled there.”

The former Premier stated that, despite the rally cancellation, Kenyans had made their point by participating in the nationwide demonstrations protesting the current high cost of living.

“In order to protect our people and avert more injury and loss of lives, we have taken the strategic decision not to proceed with the rally at Kamkunji this afternoon. In any case, the people have made the point,” had opined.

He accused police of interfering with peaceful demonstrations highlighting his matatu trip from his Karen home to the Nairobi CBD on Monday and his rally at Kenyatta Market on Tuesday that both went on smoothly in the absence of the police.

“On Monday, I was able to get into town, address Kenyans and disperse peacefully without any injuries or deaths. This was because police did not try to break up the meeting.

“Yesterday, we were at Kenyatta Market. We were able to have lunch and hold impromptu meeting with people that ended peacefully, because there were no police. All our engagements are peaceful until the police show up.”

He thanked Kenyans for joining the nationwide demonstrations on Wednesday vowing that Azimio leaders will keep pushing President William Ruto until Kenyans “get a good deal.”

“This is now about Kenyans refusing to move on until they get a good deal. We agree with them. This time around, there is no moving on until Ruto shows a readiness to listen to and respect the people. People deserve a deal, not bullets and teargas.

“Kenyans clearly understand that if they let Ruto get away with his present display of disrespect, dictatorship and contempt for people, he will try to get away with many other bad things.

He added that President Ruto should not be allowed to get away with the recently enacted Finance Act alongside many other “dictatorial” political and policy decisions he has made.

“So, there is no moving on until Ruto comes out openly and agrees to repeal the Finance Act and embark on other measures to lower the cost of living. There is no moving on until Ruto comes out loud and clear on the need to have a bipartisan reconstitution of IEBC, until he commits to respect and stops interfering with other political parties.

Raila vowed to soldier on with his demos to push Ruto to back down from his strong position saying he will soon announce the "Third Wave and next course of action."