The government has announced the allocation of Sh3 billion to the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA) in an effort to address the persistent delays in the supply of essential drugs.

The announcement was made by Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha during a meeting held on Monday in Nairobi.

This funding comes as a much-needed boost to KEMSA, which has been grappling with shortages and inadequate supply chain management.

Nakhumicha revealed that the Ministry of Health had approved a Sh1 billion recapitalization, in addition to the Sh2 billion previously promised by President William Ruto.

The Health Cabinet Secretary further stated that she has been in discussions with Treasury counterpart Njuguna Ndung'u regarding the delayed funds.

The additional capitalization pledged by the President will help strengthen KEMSA's operations, especially in ensuring the availability of essential and critical medical supplies.

"Equally, we have plans with the head of state in terms of capitalizing KEMSA, and he has promised capitalization of close to Sh2 billion, and that is at his level, I am waiting for his instructions then we see how to move forward," stated Nakhumicha.

She emphasized the significance of the funds, particularly in improving the fill rate at KEMSA, which plays a crucial role in delivering quality healthcare services to patients.

The current fill rate at KEMSA stands at 67 per cent, an improvement from the 30 to 40 per cent recorded just two months ago.

However, the Health Cabinet Secretary highlighted that this figure is still insufficient to guarantee seamless service provision.

Fill rate refers to the supplier's ability to meet the required commodity without encountering stock shortages.

"Fill rate of KEMSA is not a good thing, however, it is an improvement because two months ago we were at 30 and 40 per cent. Today, we have moved up to 60 per cent," commented Nakhumicha.

She attributed the low order fill rate at KEMSA over the past two years to the failure of vendors and suppliers to deliver supplies in the required quantities.

With the allocation of Sh3 billion, KEMSA aims to address these supply chain challenges and ensure a more reliable and efficient distribution of drugs and medical supplies.