Felix Orinda, popularly known as DJ Evolve on Thursday gave his testimony regarding the shooting incident involving Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

DJ Evolve told the court that he did not witness Babu in possession of a firearm on the night he was shot at a Nairobi club.

Testifying virtually from his bed during the defence hearing to Milimani senior Principal magistrate Bernard Ochoi, DJ Evolve recounted the events of January 16 and 17, 2020, when he encountered Babu at the high-end B Club.

He described their interaction as friendly conversations between old friends and revealed that they had first met in 2014 with no previous conflicts.

"When I met Owino, he had no gun at the Club, and I never saw a firearm that shot me," Orinda declared, expressing his inability to comprehend what exactly transpired that night.

He admitted to being shot and injured by a bullet but remained unsure about the source of the gunshot.

DJ Evolve also spoke positively about Babu, emphasizing their friendship and the support he has received from the embattled legislator.

"I was injured by a bullet, but I don't know from which gun... I just found myself in a vehicle to the hospital... I came to find out that Babu Owino was supporting me, and as a friend, I expected my friends to look after me," he explained.

"Owino has been supporting me and continues to support me. I have received medical, utility and general well-being support. No other person has come to support me."

During the court proceedings, defence lawyer Duncan Okatch directly asked DJ Evolve if he had seen Babu with a gun.

"No, we were just having conversations," DJ Evolve responded emphatically.

In addition to DJ Evolve's testimony, Edwin Otieno, Babu's private protection officer and personal assistant, also provided evidence.

Otieno informed the court that prior to the incident, had experienced issues with his firearm and had mentioned that it jammed at the shooting range.

According to Otieno, he had advised Owino to take the gun for a check-up due to the technicality.

"I had told Babu Owino to take his gun for a check-up after he said it jammed. I checked and noticed that the firearm had a technical issue," Otieno revealed during his testimony, emphasizing that a jammed gun cannot be fired.

Recounting the events of that fateful day, Otieno mentioned that he saw Babu consume two cans of energy drink and water at the club before leaving at 5 am.

Otieno instructed Charles Otieno, the club's security officer, to return the firearm to Owino as they left for the hospital with DJ Evolve.

Charles Otieno corroborated Edwin Otieno's statement, confirming that he safeguarded Babu's firearm at the club and only returned it to him in the car while escorting DJ Evolve to the hospital.

As the trial continues, the court will weigh the testimonies and evidence presented, seeking to ascertain the events that unfolded on that night in January 2020.

DJ Evolve's statement, asserting that he did not witness Babu with a firearm, adds a new dimension to the case, further deepening the complexity surrounding this high-profile incident.

It remains to be seen how the court will ultimately interpret and evaluate the evidence, as the quest for justice in this matter continues.