Detectives based in Kiambu County achieved a major breakthrough last night when they successfully recovered a cache of vandalized Kenya Power equipment, estimated to be worth a staggering Sh11 million.

Acting swiftly on crucial intelligence, the officers conducted a daring raid at a scrap metal yard located in Denderu, owned by a person of interest, Patrick King'ori, who has since gone into hiding.

The recovery operation, which targeted a notorious hub for illegal scrap metal trade, yielded a multitude of stolen items that had been brazenly stripped from power lines across the region.

Among the retrieved equipment were transformer fuses, pilon bindings, transformer laminations, transformer shells, and high-tension cables, all of which are vital components of Kenya Power's infrastructure.

During the meticulously executed operation, authorities managed to apprehend one suspect, identified as 30-year-old Florence Kariuki.

She was found at the scene and taken into custody without incident. However, the focus now shifts to intensifying efforts to locate and apprehend the primary suspect, King'ori, who seems to have vanished into thin air.

The recovered equipment, whose sheer value underscores the audacity of the thefts, represents a significant victory for Kenya Power in its ongoing battle against vandalism and theft.

This commendable effort by the Kiambu County detectives signifies a step forward in safeguarding the critical infrastructure that powers homes, businesses, and public services across the nation.

Vandalism and theft of Kenya Power equipment have become persistent challenges, leading to significant disruptions in power supply and substantial financial losses for the company.

Such criminal acts not only endanger the reliability of electricity distribution but also pose risks to public safety and economic stability.