Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) has strongly responded to the recent remarks made by Trade and Industrialization Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria, labelling him as a symbol of national shame.

In a statement released by KUJ Secretary-General, Erick Oduor, the organization expressed its concern over Kuria's actions and called upon him to uphold the positive image of Kenya as a nation.

"It has come to our attention utterances attributed to Trade and Industrialisation Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria, a man who is now becoming symbol of national shame," the statement read.

"We would wish to remind Mr Kuria that he is now a Cabinet Secretary whose actions and utterances should promote positive image of Kenya as a nation. In line with tenets of leadership and integrity law."

As a Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria's role demands that his words and deeds reflect the principles of leadership and integrity.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned philosopher Plato, who proclaimed that leaders act as mirrors of society, KUJ now hopes that President William Ruto will intervene and rescue Kenyans from this growing national shame.

"A celebrated philosopher Plato said leaders are mirrors of the society and it is our sincere hope that President William Ruto will save Kenyans from this national shame," the statement read.

The responsibility to set an example lies squarely on the shoulders of Kuria and other leaders in positions of power.

KUJ further expressed its support for the ongoing efforts by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua to combat the widespread alcohol consumption issue in the country, the organization believes that a more comprehensive approach is necessary to rid the nation of leaders who are unable to exercise self-control.

In a stern message to Kuria, the KUJ representative conveyed that the media will outlast his political career and eagerly await the opportunity to write his political obituary.

"I can assure Mr Kuria that the media will outlive his political career and will be waiting with glee to write his political obituary," KUJ cautioned.

This follows Kuri'a reaction to an exposé in which he expressed his disapproval of NMG's coverage and threatened severe consequences for any government department that dares to place advertisements with the media organization.

These words serve as a reminder that public figures should conduct themselves in a manner befitting their roles, as the media acts as the eyes and ears of the nation.

It is imperative that those entrusted with the task of guiding the nation demonstrate responsibility and respect for the people they serve.

In a time when Kenya faces numerous challenges, it is crucial that its leaders act as beacons of hope and inspiration, rather than becoming subjects of ridicule and disappointment.

The collective responsibility to uplift the nation rests on the shoulders of all leaders, and Kenyans including KUJ hope that Moses Kuria will heed this call for change.