Renowned content creator, influencer, radio host, and BIC Miss Soleil brand ambassador, Azziad Nasenya, captivated the audience for the second consecutive year at the Self-Care & Confidence panel in Kenya.

The panel, held as part of the empowering 'Wembesha Na BIC' (Stay Sharp with BIC) campaign, aimed to foster personal care and self-confidence among the youth.

Thousands of students at the Mount Kenya University in Thika were treated to an enlightening discussion featuring Azziad, alongside Dermatologist Officer, Rebecca Chacha, and BIC East Africa Marketing Manager, Salome Ngugi.

The focal point of the panel was self-confidence and empowerment, with Azziad sharing her personal journey, including its triumphs and challenges, inspiring students to believe in themselves.

The event witnessed a notable turnout, with university students, media personnel, journalists, BIC representatives, and strategic partners in attendance.

Salome Ngugi, BIC East Africa Marketing Manager, shared her thoughts on the occasion, expressing their pride in the results they have achieved so far through Wembesha Na BIC.

"In its second edition, Wembesha Na BIC enables us to reach thousands of students, fostering self-confidence and empowerment among the youth in Kenya. We are immensely proud of the positive impact we are making on the younger generation and are delighted to continue our long-term partnership with Azziad Nasenya, who possesses a powerful voice amongst the youth, helping us bring our purpose to life," Ngugi said.

Azziad Nasenya, as a BIC Miss Soleil Brand Ambassador, expressed her joy and affirmed her belief in empowering both genders.

"I firmly believe in empowering both females and males, and my work predominantly revolves around that," Azziad said

"Collaborating with BIC in recent years has not only complemented my efforts but has also allowed me to elevate conversations about self-confidence and empowerment while engaging with the youth. Growing up using popular BIC products, it's invigorating to work with the people behind the brand and bring its purpose to life through topics that resonate with me personally."

The 'Wembesha Na BIC' campaign, introduced in Kenya in 2022, has successfully entered its second edition.

In addition, BIC launched the 'I Choose Smooth, I Choose Miss Soleil' campaign in 2021, empowering, motivating, and inspiring young females to embrace their confidence and become the best version of themselves.

Azziad has been associated with BIC Miss Soleil since 2021 and has served as its brand ambassador since 2022.