The Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Anne Amadi, is facing mounting troubles as a Dubai-based gold businessman petitions the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to have her ousted from office.

Demetrios Bradshaw, a British trader and director of Bruton Gold Trading LLC, has levelled serious allegations against Amadi, including abuse of office, obtaining money by false pretences, and her alleged involvement in a Sh120 million gold scandal.

In a bold move, Bradshaw's petition seeks immediate action from the JSC, stating, "(We ask that) the Judicial Service Commission takes the necessary steps in line with all applicable laws and removes her from office with immediate effect."

Adding to the already convoluted situation, Bradshaw has an ongoing case in the High Court, where he is demanding a refund of over Sh100 million.

He claims this amount was paid to Amadi's law firm, Amadi and Associates, as part of an alleged gold scam.

The payment was intended to secure the purchase of 1,500kg of gold bars, but the promised consignment never arrived in Dubai.

To exacerbate matters further, the Milimani High Court Commercial Division has already issued orders freezing Amadi's personal and law firm bank accounts, indicating the seriousness of the allegations.

Seeking JSC intervention, Bradshaw, through the law firm Murage Juma & Company Advocates, implores Amadi to step aside promptly in light of the accusations against her.

In a detailed petition, Bradshaw highlights numerous constitutional breaches, citing violations of Articles 73, 75, and 76 of the Kenyan Constitution, Judicial Service (Code of Conduct and Ethics) Regulations, 2020, and the Judicial Service Act.

His petition aims to invoke Section 12 of the Judicial Service Act, emphasizing the urgency of the matter.

"Honorable Anne Atieno Amadi has been and remains in gross violation and breach of Articles 73, 75, and 76 of the Kenyan Constitution, Judicial Service (Code Of Conduct And Ethics) Regulations, 2020 and the Judicial Service Act (No. 1 of 2011) warranting the invocation of Section 12 of the Judicial Service Act as read together with Schedule 2 (if Applicable) and Schedule 3 of the said Act," the petition reads.

According to Bradshaw's allegations, Amadi, alongside six others, is accused of obtaining a significant sum of $592,970 (Sh82,304,236) from Bruton Gold Trading LLC through illicit means.

The Dubai-based gold trading company had expressed interest in acquiring gold from Kenya.

The logistics of the gold consignment, weighing 1500kg, were reportedly organized by Daniel Kangara, purportedly an officer of Universal Global Logistics Limited (UGL), a company involved in gold exports.

Amadi's law firm allegedly represented UGL in the exportation process. The funds in question were subsequently transferred to an account opened by Amadi's firm, amounting to four separate transactions between September and October 2021. Shockingly, the gold never made its way to Dubai.

As Bradshaw delved deeper into the matter, he discovered that a court order had been issued, prohibiting the transfer of the gold.

However, Amadi maintains she is not privy to any such transactions and neither is she a party.

Amadi refuted those claims in an affidavit she filed at the High Court.

"I am not privy nor a party to the transaction which forms the subject matter of the application herein nor the underlying suit in general. I took leave of absence from my role as a partner in the firm of Amadi and Associates Advocates in the year 2014 following my appointment as Chief Registrar Judiciary, whose leave was duly communicated to the Law Society of Kenya,"  Amadi explained.

She further stated that she was no longer in private practice as she tendered her absence from the firm.

"I tendered my leave of absence from the firm of Amadi and Associates Advocates. I am no longer in private practice and I do not draw a salary nor share in the profits from the said firm. The present matter has nothing to do with my office as Chief Registrar of the Judiciary Kenya," she said.

The twists and turns of this scandal resemble a plot fit for a suspenseful novel.

As the JSC assesses the gravity of the situation, Anne Amadi finds herself embroiled in a "golden" misfortune that jeopardizes her position and reputation within the judiciary.

The outcome of this captivating saga remains uncertain, leaving observers eagerly anticipating how justice will unfold in the face of these golden accusations.