Residents of Dagoretti North constituency in Nairobi County are living at the mercy of a deadly illegal dumping cartel that has forced them to grapple with disease outbreaks.

The vicious garbage collection and dumping cartel has brazenly converted public roads into filthy garbage dumps that harbor criminal gangs resulting in a surge in ferocious crimes.

Residents of Dagoretti North, whose Member of Parliament is Beatrice Elachi, have to bear with the mounds of stinking waste at their doorstep while also fighting deadly diseases.

The situation is dire in Riruta area of Kawangware leaving the children to play in the illegally dumped garbage oblivious of the danger lurking in the piles of waste seeping into estates.

National and county governments and National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) officials have continued to ignore the cries and plight of the weary residents.

A well-oiled cycle of corruption has seen even the police turn a blind eye to the illegal dumping gang that has continued to operate with their conspicuous lorries unabated.

Dagoretti North residents say the dumping has been going on for over a decade resulting in a huge mess has left them at the mercy of cholera, typhoid and other serious ailments.


Criminal gangs are said to take advantage of the filth and darkness caused by the waste to mug residents with their calls for assistance from the nearby police stations largely ignored.

They are now demanding swift intervention by Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja.

“We are just tired of living in this mess,” said an irked Meshack, a resident.

“This is a battle for our dignity, for clean air, clean water and the restoration of a secure living environment,” added Mary Waigwa, a resident of the area and a mother of two.


They want Sakaja to move in with other relevant authorities to stop the dumping cartel, relocate the dumping site and help restore security to the area synonymous with stench.

“The authorities must rise to the occasion, recognizing the urgent need to address the crisis head-on. Failure to act only perpetuates the suffering and risks the lives of the community members,” said another resident who did not want to be named.