Detectives have successfully apprehended the primary suspect implicated in the brutal murder of a couple in Nyamira County, as reported on March 21, 2023.

The 40-year-old suspect, Denis Ondara, was apprehended after a four-day pursuit that culminated at the Isebania border in Migori County.

Armed with a Ceska pistol loaded with 14 rounds of ammunition, Ondara was considered dangerous and posed a significant threat.

The detectives from the Homicide department, who are also leading the Shakahola exhumation exercise, managed to capture the suspect this afternoon, just moments before he could cross the border to evade justice.

The nation awoke to the shocking news of the brutal murder of Edward Morema Nyangechi, 62, and Grace Mong'ina Morema, 58, in Nyamakoroto village, located in Keroka, Masaba North Sub-County of Nyamira County.

The couple, who resided in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States, was found murdered in their house when they failed to appear for breakfast by 10 a.m. on that fateful morning.

Upon investigation, the house help, Silvia Barongo, 19, became suspicious and promptly alerted the 30-year-old farmhand, Jeremiah Bosire.

Together, they raised the alarm, drawing the attention of fellow villagers. During the search, the lifeless body of the woman was discovered on a bed in a bedroom, drenched in a pool of blood, while the man's body was found in the garage.

The victims had suffered deep cuts to their heads, with their legs and hands bound together using electric cables.

The government pathologist later released an autopsy report, revealing that both victims died as a result of strangulation and blunt force trauma to their heads and upper limbs.

Following the murder, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss Mohamed Amin, ordered an extensive inquiry into the heinous crime, leading to the deployment of highly skilled homicide detectives.

Within four days, the detective team received information that the primary suspect had been sighted in Ruai, where he had sought refuge after the incident.

Despite his narrow escape from the officers' dragnet, unbeknownst to the suspect, the determined detectives had been meticulously tailing him, awaiting the opportune moment to strike.

On Sunda, at 3 p.m., disguised as hawkers along the border, the sleuths launched a swift operation, apprehending the armed suspect without resorting to gunfire, leaving onlookers perplexed and engulfed in a cloud of swirling dust.

Before the traders at the border could comprehend the unfolding events, the hatchback containing the suspect sped away towards Migori, en route to the capital.

Upon searching the suspect, the detectives discovered an additional 14 rounds of 9mm calibre ammunition, along with an assortment of tools such as spanners, nuts, screwdrivers, and pliers, presumably used for vehicle break-ins.

The suspect is also suspected of involvement in numerous cases of violent robbery and murder reported in Nairobi, Nyamira, Kisii, and Migori counties.

Thus far, three suspects have been arrested in connection with the twin murders.

The successful investigation of this case was made possible through the diligent research and analysis conducted by detectives based at the Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau, as well as the Cyber Forensics team from the DCI National Forensic Laboratory, which placed the main suspect at the scene of the murder on the night of the attack.